DISH vs Cable

Join the many happy customers who have made the switch from cable to DISH. Not only does DISH cost less than cable, it also has a bigger program library, superior technology and equipment, higher satisfaction rates, and better interactive features. Make the switch from cable to DISH today.
DISH Network offers the best and lowest pricing options for digital services. DISH Network provides their customers with extra benefits like the highest quality equipment and free installation. Enjoy DISH in up to four rooms in the house without any additional installation fees. Cable averages $64 per month plus around $40.00 per room in installation fees, cable TV provides a limited number of channels at a higher price than DISH Network.
DISH Network provides upward of 500 channels, 200 of those being high definition TV programming. All DISH channels are formatted in the highest quality picture and sound for your viewing pleasure. Cable TV generally only provides about 120 high definition TV channels and will charge customers an extra monthly fee to have better quality picture and sound.
DISH Network gives its customers up to 3 of the best satellite receivers at no charge. DISH Network also offers dual-tuner technology so that customers may watch the same programming in independent areas, hassle free. Cable may require multiple converter boxes, at an additional monthly cost, to connect the cable line to your TVs. Cable also charges extra for equipment such as digital video recorders or high definition options.
In a survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, DISH Network rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable providers. DISH Network has seven U.S. operated customer service operations to assist subscribers and offer support. DISH Network has a very low outage percentage, coming in at 1%. Cable TV outages run much higher than DISH Network at 3% to 5% per year. J.D. Powers and Associates surveys classify cable company’s customer satisfaction rates as good to poor, which is lower than DISH Network.
Electronic program guides and Pay-Per-View are just a few of the interactive features that make DISH the preferred customer choice. Also enjoy DISH’s DVR which gives you the option to record, rewind, fast forward, and pause during viewing your favorite TV programs. Cable’s interactive features are slimmer and include a program guide, video, and on-demand subscriptions, usually for additional fees.
Switch today and find out why customers prefer DISH Network over cable providers.


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You can get DISH Movie Pack FREE for 3 months exclusively with DISH. The DISH Movie Pack allows you to view thousands of titles on fifteen dedicated movie channels, including EPIX® and Sony Movie Channel. And, with the DISH Movie Pack, you’ll have access to thousands of movies on your computer, iPad®, and cellphone.

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Not only can you enjoy crystal-clear, HD programming, but you can do it at no additional cost for life—unlike cable. With DISH TV, you’ll watch your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events in the best quality possible, all while never having to worry about surprise price hikes on your HD programming. That’s more FREE HD than any other TV provider—even DIRECTV®.

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Customers will receive access to the exclusive DISH Anywhere app, which allows you to watch your favorite programs anywhere you go, anytime you want. Make changes on your DVR recordings, watch saved programs, enjoy LIVE TV, or over 1000+ On Demand movie titles. This is included with your DISH Network deals, for no extra charge.

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